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Tjalf 443

Heinse 354 (Sport)

Leffert 306 (Pref)

Tamme 276

Bontsje (Stb Star Pref)

Ljutske (Stb Star)

Dimer 285

Bettie (Stb Star Prestm)

Welmoed M. (Stb Star Pref)

Tjimme 275

Jochem 329 (Pref)

Tjimkje (Stb Star Pref)

Japke (Stb Star)

Hearke 254P (Sport Pref)

Winni (Stb Star)


Tjalf 443 ‘sport’ is only the second ever stallion with FPS breeding permission as a full Studbook Stallion to be imported by Doorndraai in South Africa. Tjalf 443 has unlimited breeding permission and has provisionally been approved on offspring by the KFPS at the end of 2013.


Tjalf 443 Sport’s long awaited arrival came in December 2009 when he stepped onto African soil only to have his move to Doorndraai delayed by quarantine. When he at last arrived he settled down quickly, with his gentle nature and willingness to work making him a special addition to Doorndraai. We already have a number of mares in foal to Tjalf 443 and look forward to seeing his first youngstock being born later this year.



FPSSA National Show

  • Supreme Champion Single Harness 2013
  • Champion KFPS Studbook Stallion In-Hand 2013
  • Champion FPS Stallion with a Breeding Permission Single Harness 2012
  • Champion Single Harness 2012

Horse of the Year

  • Champion Single Harness 2013
  • Supreme Champion Single Harness 2012

Parys Horse & Wine Festival

  • Champion Studbook Stallion with KFPS Breeding Permission In-Hand 2013
  • Champion Studbook Stallion with KFPS Breeding Permission Single Harness Universal 2013
  • Supreme Champion Stallion Single Harness Universal 2013

Pretoria Show

  • Champion FPS Studbook Stallion with a breeding Permission Single Harness 2012


Fresh semen AI to select mares available.

For more information contact Dr Duncan Prinsloo on 0834626158

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